Crowley Castle Photo Gallery

The photos on this page show the O'Crowley Castle over the period 2001 through 2010. They reveal its initial state of decay as well as the results of efforts to preserve, protect and stabilize it. Each photo can be clicked to enlarge it.

This work has been very expensive, and the funds have been secured chiefly through loans to the clan. Now the Clan needs money to repay these loans.

Many of the Clan members have come up with innovative ways to help with this worthwhile effort. Michael-Patrick Crowley donates a portion of the sales of his book to the Castle Restoration Project. Sharon Crowley has set up an online store to market Crowley-branded products, with the profits going to the project. Art and craft products have been auctioned off, and Terry Crowley has sold "bricks" to help finance the project.

How can you help? Besides doing your Christmas and birthday shopping at the online store, we are asking Crowleys from all countries to join in helping with the restoration. Donations can be mailed to your country representative. And all donations, no matter the amount, are welcome. If you are able to make a substantial contribution, that would be wonderful. Hopefully all Crowleys from all countries will contribute at a level they feel appropriate.

Please help to preserve our heritage!!!

This article was written by Jim Ritzert
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