Finding yDNA Cousins

"This one was a complete surprise," wrote Tom Crowley who is the past Taoiseach of the Crowley Clan. Tom was referring to his 37-marker yDNA match with Vincent Crowley of Bantry, West Cork. Earlier Tom had discovered that Jim Crowley of Washington State was a 37 marker match, but that didn't surprise Tom since both Jim and Tom can trace their ancestry to the Beara Peninsula area. But Bantry is a 25-mile distance from Beara. How did this happen? That's something for Tom to figure out.

Tom, Jim, and Vincent are part of the Crowley Clan yDNA project. According to Family Tree DNA who is conducting the study, a 37-marker match means that there is a 95% probability that there is a common ancestor within seven generations.

Catherine Crowley Budd, who administers the project, has defined the project this way: "Members of the Crowley Clan are widely scattered throughout the world. Many of us have hit the 'brick wall' in tracing our ancestors to Ireland. Please consider joining our project if you are a Crowley, and have no other family member who has been tested."

If you are one of those at the "brick wall" and you don't think it is possible to break through, just ask Tom, Jim, and Vincent. They now know it is possible to find those cousins. And through finding the cousins we are finding our heritage in Ireland. For more information go to and search for the Crowley project.

The Crowley Clan Newsletter is
compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain