Crowley Clan DNA Project Update

We now have 67 members with 61 kits returned. If you have a kit which you have not returned please send it in as soon as possible. If you have misplaced your kit, email me and I will have a new one sent out.

We have had several new matches in the recent months. One of the matches is with my father and an Irish family I tracked down via the LDS archives, the Canadian archives and letters sent to all the Crowley’s in the phone book from Stradbally, County Waterford. While in Ireland for the gathering I was able to meet with the family, and one member agreed to be tested. He is a 36/37 match with a shared ancestor from 8 generations ago. It is very exciting for my family and our cousins, and also very satisfying to know that all my research has finally paid off.

If you are currently a member of the DNA project, please consider uploading your results the Y search database via the Family Tree DNA web site for your kit. This allows your values to be compared to others who have completed tests from other group projects and may possibly lead to further matches.

The Crowley Clan Newsletter is
compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain