Announcing The Companionate of Clann Ui Chruadhlaoich

We are announcing the launch of the Companionate of the Clan. The Companionate of Clann Ui Chruadhlaoich is an honour bestowed on clansmen and non clansmen who have demonstrated exceptional and continued support to the traditional Brehon and Gaelic culture of Ireland through their contribution to the life of Clann Ui Chruadhlaoich, protecting, enriching and promoting its patrimony.

Many clans and Gaelic Houses have formed their respective Companionate, just to name a few: O'Cahan, O'Neil Clanaboy, O'Carroll, and O'Connor. As independent private organisations it is the prerogative of Irish clans and Gaelic houses to form such companionate.

Foundation of the Companionate

Companionate BadgeIt is an integral part of and within the community of Clann Ui Chruadhlaoich. It is endorsed and supported by the Clan Council or Derbhfine, who will propose nominees to the Companionate. The Companionate is not a knighthood, nor does it claim to any historical continuity, and it bears no relationship to any existing or past order of knighthood. It is a recognition which is granted by a private organization, our clan, Clann Ui Chrudadhlaoich. The design of the Companionate Badge is the property of the clan through the Clan Council and shall never be reproduced other than by the Council itself.


The Companionate shall be headed by a Chancellery composed of a Chancellor and two Vice Chancellors. The Chancellor and the two Vice Chancellors shall be elected for a term of three years, renewable, by the Clan Council. They shall themselves be member of the Clan Council. The Taoiseach and Tanaiste shall not be a member of the Companionate Chancellery other than for the exception years 2015 and 2016.

The Chancellery shall be responsible to make the grants and maintain a public roll of members of the companionate. All former Taoiseach and recognized sept Chieftains (na Madery, O'Crowley Og, Mac Y Vallirity of the Monteen, O'Crowley MacFyneen, Kippagh, Baccach,) are eligible to be automatically granted the Companionate.

The companionate shall be limited to 25 companions maximum

Grant of the Companionate

The grant certificate of the Companionate shall confirm the right of the recipient to wear as he/she sees fit the badge of the Companionate as a neck badge, a medal, or a sewed badge on a blazer. A companion may use the postnominals "U.C"

The nominations from the Clan Council or Derbhfine will occur every two years and will be submitted to the Companionate Chancellery and discussed for final approval by Saint Patrick's Day every two years starting in 2016.

The companion will also be eligible to a grant of coat of arms.

Michael-Patrick Crowley,
an Taoiseach

The Crowley Clan Newsletter is
compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain