Another Spanish Cousin!!

December 26, 2014


My name is José María Millán Fuentes, and I am a descendant of O'Crowley. I live in Cádiz, Spain, and I am doing work for the University of Málaga on my ancestors. I speak very badly English, but I have a lot of interest in the topic. I would like to help you, and that you also should help me. I have read in your web Antonio Castro, and also I descend from Pedro Alonso O'Crowley O'Donell and Adelaida Riquelme O'Crowley. I have a lot information about the family up to Pedro Alonso, but then everything fades away. The most distant ancestry that I have found is:
Comarc O'Crowley of Carbery
John O'Mahoney
Daniel O'Sullivan Mor
Charles O'Crowley and Mary O'Mahoney
Maurice O'Crowley O'Mahoney and Sarah O'Sullivan
Timothy O'Crowley O'Sullivan and Honor O'Reilly

Does some member of the association speak Spanish? Thank you for everything. I am happy to know of you.

Editor's Note: If any of our readers does speak and write Spanish, and would like to help with correspondence with José Maria, please contact the newsletter.

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