Notes from the Editor

Summer made its entrance to South Carolina a little early this year, like the first week of June. The long hot days make spending the afternoons inside with the computer rather appealing! For those of you in the southern hemisphere, you are probably experiencing the opposite and enjoying being outside again.

This summer issue of the Crowley Clan Newsletter has articles contributed by readers from both hemispheres Jennifer la Marshall of Australia, Jocelyn Morris of Nova Scotia, and Leo Crowley MD from Texas.

These articles are interesting, informative, and they are the backbone of the Crowley Clan Newsletter. Why not take a few minutes to write a bit of your personal family history. Then mail, email, or post it on the Crowley Facebook page? We will publish it in the next newsletter, and you will end up connecting with hundreds of other Crowleys.

Leo Crowley, whose article begins on page 4, tells us about his remarkable father who he refers to as "Lord Summerfield". His father is 101 years young, quite active, very alert, and still enjoying life. This does open the question of who is the oldest living Crowley. I am hopeful that we will hear from some of you with nominations of your own. Even if you can't top 101, tell us about your older relatives, where do they live and what do they enjoy doing? Photos are most welcome.

On page 5 Jocelyn Morris tells us the story of a genuine Canadian hero named Mary Elizabeth Crowley. And, on page 6, Jennifer la Marshall hopes to connect to relatives of her great grandfather James Crowley.

Hope you enjoy this edition. Contact us anytime.

The Crowley Clan Newsletter is
compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain