Clan Council Adoption of a Clan Traditional Dress

Munster PlaidThe Crowley Clan Council has endorsed the recommendation made by the Taoiseach of a traditional clan dress consisting of:

  • saffron kilt (the traditional modern Gaelic dress of the Irish)
  • A plaid of the Munster tartan (as in the sample to the right)
  • Jacket as appropriate
  • Use of Crowley Clan kilt pins and brooches
  • A Tam O'Shanter or Gaelic bonnet
  • For the ladies: a sash of the Munster Tartan

We encourage all clansmen to dress as recommended for the Crowley Clan Gathering.

In North America a saffron kilt, a Munster tartan plaid may be ordered from:

If one wishes a lighter fabric than wool and very economical:

If you are in Europe the two best sites are:

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compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain