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Jan Lusk, Arkansas, USA

I am descended from Sherrod (Sheridan) Massey who married Sarah Adeline McClain in April 1848 in Knox County, TN and moved to AR around 1860. My mother always said, as have other descendants, that Sherrod's parents were James Massey and Mary Jane Crowley.

Sherrod listed on the 1880 and 1900 census that his mother was born at sea. One cousin stated that her great grandmother (Sherrod's oldest daughter) said when they moved to AR they lived near or visited Benjamin Crowley kin at Green County, AR. I am seeking any documentation or information relevant to the Massey/McCain/Crowley.

Virginia Crowley, Melbourne, Australia

I'm writing this from Sydney Australia, and I am feeling excited to read about our family castle. I saw photos of the ruins a few years ago, and it was saddening and made me wonder about it.

I'm born into the Crowley family in Melbourne and live in Sydney. I have two daughters, Kate and Danielle who married into the Johnson family. I'm proud of my heritage and would love to see some photos if possible. That would be great. I can't afford at the moment to make a donation, but my thoughts often wander to Ireland and family over there, and to what Ireland's like.

I've checked the website and looked at the photos, and I'm amazed at the wonderful work that has been put into saving this site for our future. I have a better understanding of the ruins and history of the family.

Note from the Editor:
We promise, Virginia, to take lots of photos when we are at the Crowley Castle, and we will include them in the fall newsletter.

I'd love to go to Ireland, reunite with the clan, and see our roots. I have always had that in my heart, but that's not possible. My thoughts will be with you all at the time of the reunion.

It must have been very hard for our fore fathers to leave such a beautiful country.

These photos are my grandchildren, Riley, Lacey, and Tahlia.

grandson Riley granddaughter Lacey granddaughter Tahlia

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