Our Spanish Crowleys

Jose Maria Millan Fuentes, Niall Herriott, Ann CrowleyAnother member of the Spanish branch of the Crowley Clan is 'found'! This is a picture of Jose Maria Millan Feuntes, Niall Herriott (my partner) and me, Ann Crowley.

Jose Maria Millan Fuentes, Niall Herriott, Ann Crowley

We met Jose Maria in Malaga on March 1st last. Jose Maria is studying in Malaga University, but is from Cadiz. He is a direct descendant of Don Pedro Alonso O'Croluey of Cadiz and is planning a book about the Crowley Clan based on his research. He also has a project to have the street in Cadiz formerly known as O'Crowley St. to be renamed from its present name back to O'Crowley St. It was O'Crowley St for forty five years and was named to honour Don Pedro in 1855. Don Pedro was an amazing character, the more I read about him the more interesting he seems. He travelled in current day Texas and California as well as Mexico as part of his work. They were in 'New Spain' in those days.

I am hoping to attend the Gathering in Bantry.

Ann Crowley
West Cork

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