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Jerry Fry, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

My mother's maiden name is Crowley, and she has often mentioned her roots going back to County Cork. Her father was Gene Crowley.

Here is some information: My great grandfather was named James Crowley from County Cork. He moved to Wealdstone, Harrow in his 30's. He had two sons. Eugene Crowley became a popular singer for the BBC in the 1930's and '40s and Dennis became a priest.

My mother has gold medals that were passed down to her from her father awarded to an apparent relative in Cork who won several piano competitions.

The medals:
Gold from 1923 and 1927 and read "Mary Hayes, Feif" on one side and "AMR A M" on the other.

Any information you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Leslie Pettit

My grandmother was Mackie Ruth Crowley Denning, descended from Isham Crowley, the first Crowley to come to Peters Colony, in north Texas in 1845, from Platte County, Missouri.

I found you by doing research and coming across your site on the Internet. I would like to be included in receiving your email and any other information that can be shared. I also would be happy to include any information that I have that could be helpful to any other Crowley decedents. From reading your newsletter, it seems we are quite the group!

Tennise Gallegose, Albuquerque, New Mexico:
From the Editor:
We are often told the importance of compiling a family health history for the benefit of our health and the health of our descendants. Diseases can run in families and be carried on generation after generation. A good time to start your history would be while gathering general information for your family tree.

Death certificates are the best way to document the date of an ancestor's death. However, they are also the source of information as to the causes of death. Some older records will also list the duration of the final illness. This is potentially important information for you and your family. It is information that can alert you to areas of weakness in the health of your family.

Tennise Gallogos, whose mother was a Crowley, has undertaken a brave attempt to piece together the illness that has affected her family for several generations. Here is her letter:

"I have found that a specific profile of mental illness runs in my Crowley line. It involves either bi-polar disorder or schizoid-affective disorder and eating disorders. I know this isn't the kind of information we're all looking for when we try to find out about our ancestors and our roots, but I believe this kind of information can be very helpful to family members who find themselves struggling to understand the behavior of a loved one. It "skips" people, like me, but not one of my children. However, I really believe in this kind of family profile.

My father, not related to the Crowleys, had severe bi-polar disorder, but there are no reports of any of his family members having it. In doing research, I have found that some very prominent families have had this mental illness profile crop up periodically. I was astonished, but also relieved to understand it can happen to any family.

My son talked to his daughter and told her there is an extensive history of mental illness in the family, and that she should be aware of herself and come to her parents if she felt she might need help. She's twelve, but she did come to them to tell them she had anxiety and depression. That's the kind of outcome I hope for in doing a mental health profile of a family. Usually, it's not possible, because people tried to hide these problems."

Thank you, Tennise!

Note from the Editor:
Happy Birthday, dear Jack!

Your Crowley cousins wish you many more happy and healthy years. We will miss you in Bantry and will be thinking about you.

John "Jack" Crowley, Vancouver, Washington, USA
My brother Tom and I will not be attending the gathering in September. I will be 87 in July and at this point I am unwilling to take on the 24 hours in-transit each way. My doctor agrees. It was a hard decision to make, and I will miss all my Crowley cousins. I will be cancelling my reservations at the Maritime Hotel shortly.

If it is convenient, please give my best wishes for a great gathering and "safe home" to all.

Would you please keep me in the loop and add my brother to your notification list for the bulletin

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