The End

Everything has a beginning, middle, and an end. The Crowley Clan Newsletter had an inauspicious beginning in 1995. A handful of Crowleys had gathered in September in the town of Dunmanway. We came from Ireland, Canada, Australia, Wales, England and the United States. I returned home flying high. I had met a few dozen Crowleys none of whom I could prove I was related to by blood. However, I knew I was related to them all in spirit. And I didn't want to lose touch with any of them.

In the beginning I had a mailing list of 30 Crowleys. In the middle, about 2005, the list was nearly 200. I wrote, edited, printed, labeled and mailed them all. I loved it! I loved hearing from so many members of our far flung clan. I loved hearing your stories.

When web pages came about, I knew we needed to go in that direction. There was disagreement and some false starts, but thanks to the support of Thomas Crowley (Ohio) and the expertise of Webmaster and Crowley descendent, Jim Ritzert, was born. And it has thrived! We could not have done it without Jim.

Now there is a plan to improve our presence on-line. We are at the end of the effectiveness of the Crowley Clan Newsletter. This really is not a sad ending. I have happy memories of meeting you through your letters and your emails. If in the future there is any way that I might help you in your search for Crowley information, just let me know.

Mise le Meas,

The Crowley Clan Newsletter is
compiled by Marian Crowley Chamberlain