Gatherings & Reunions

January, 2011 - Gathering photos available
The photographs taken by professional photographer Sean Varden at the Crowley Clan Gathering in Kinsale last September are now on Sean’s website, and are available for purchase. To access the Crowley Gathering photos, go to the website and click on the “private” folder. The password to this folder is photos. Then click on “Crowley Galleries 2” folder. The password for this folder is cork.

Sean has posted 440 photos and 491 low resolution photos for you to choose from. There are photos of the gathering and also of sights and scenes in the area. The photos are available in a variety of sizes. There are also specialty items, such as coasters and key chains, and apparel items, such as tee-shirts and aprons, that you can put your choice of photos on.

Planning a reunion?
We will be glad to post a reunion announcement for your branch of the Clan. Just let us know. Send the particulars to the Webmaster.