Historical Notes on the Crowley Clan

The early Crowleys were military men and many of them served Dermod McCarthy (of Blarney Castle fame). The Gaelic for Crowley translates into "hardy warrior". Our ancestors were warlike by both name and nature. In 1602, the Irish lost a major battle to the English in the Village of Kinsale. Queen Elizabeth sent the Earl of Thomond into Ireland to confiscate the lands of the Irish in rebellion. Lord Carew wrote to the Earl of Thomond and told him, Dermod McCarthy is most assisted by the O'Crowleys: have a special care to prosecute O'Crowley and his assistants.

Over the next forty years, most of the Crowley lands in Ireland, particularly in the area around Dunmanway, were confiscated by the English. Among these lands was the family castle at Ahakeera. Very small remains of the castle can still be seen in Ireland to this day on a local farm.

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